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We create authentic eco – friendly travel experiences in Costa Rica.

Our purpose is to provide the best luxury experiences for our travelers, ensuring you leave the lowest footprint during your journey.

wikol travel


    At Wiköl Travel, we believe in savoring travel experiences by fully immersing ourselves in the destination’s essence, fostering deeper connections, and gaining a deeper understanding of the culture and surroundings.

    Our expertise lies in the meticulous exploration of each destination, allowing us to craft personalized itineraries tailored to each specific purpose.

    Our passion lies in curated adventures that feature eco-friendly hotels. These establishments play a vital role in promoting responsible and sustainable tourism, benefiting both the environment and local communities, all while offering guests a unique and conscious travel experience

    We prioritize private experiences, emphasizing exclusivity and individualized attention to offer personalized service beyond the conventional.

As Wikol, your Costa Rica Travel Agent and Dream Whisperer, we let you in on the best things to do and places to stay in Costa Rica.

wikol travel