Three tours in one. The coffee tour, which begins with the history of coffee in the world, followed by its history in our country and importance in Costa Rica’s development. Later on, during the tour you will see other aspects of Costa Rican culture, as well as some of our traditions. During this part of the tour, you will get to see all the processes carried by coffee, from the seed to the final product, the cup of coffee. 

The second part of this tour is the famous chocolate tour, which is a differential feature, and the perfect complement for coffee, it’s a contributor to rescuing the traditions and culture of our country. 

You will have an experience between aromas and history, where you will participate in the chocolate process and be able to enjoy, share and taste the fruit of the cocoa, until arriving to its transformation, becoming a delicious drink; equally on this tour we will show you the whole process of transition from seed to pure and ground cocoa.

The third part of the tour will be about sugar cane, where you’ll learn about its history, plantations, different types of harvest, processing, obtainment of various products and you’ll be able to live the experience of handcrafting sugar cane juice.